Stick My Ticket - Driving Safety Course

The easiest way to dismiss your ticket in Texas!

Course is Done 100% Online

You can conveniently take the course from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Phone/Tablet Compatible

iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, the course is designed to work with any device.

More Videos / Less Reading

Over 50% of our course is video to keep you engaged and limit required reading.

No Final Exam to Pass

Each unit ends with a review video covering the questions on the multiple-choice quiz.

Set Your Own Schedule

Log in and out as often as you like. Our course saves your progress as you go.

$25 and No Hidden Fees

Get your course, certificate and regular USPS first-class delivery for one low price.

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Texas Approved Course

We have partnered with Defensive Driving to offer the best course available. TDLR/TEA #CP280 has provided their quality course to thousands of drivers all across the great state of Texas.

DPS Certified Driving Record

Many courts throughout the state of Texas require that drivers that take a driving course to dismiss a ticket also provide a copy of their driving record. We can help get your record along with your course certificate.

Texas Based Support

Some companies seem to think that the internet closes but we understand that not everyone can taking their course during normal "business days". Our Fort Worth office staff is open to help you.

Texas Defensive Driving Course Details

Take your ticket and you know......stick it!

If You Have to Do It Anyway…

Defensive driving. We’re sure you have been looking forward to it ever since the judge gave you the OK. Alright, maybe not. However, since you want that ticket off your record just the same, why not at least stand the chance of enjoying yourself? The course offered by can make your defensive driving adventure as painless as possible. Using a blend of video, engaging text and short unit quizzes you will finished with your “debt to society” before you know it!

Making the Court Happy

Chances are, the court has been very specific about the steps they want you to take to dismiss your ticket with defensive driving. The first thing is to make sure that the course you take is TDLR/TEA approved. We got you covered! The writers of the course offered by StickMyTicket have jumped through every hoop required to bring you the course you need. The court will probably ask that you submit a copy of your driving record as well. We can provide that, too. A driving record can be ordered before, during or after your course and it can be emailed, faxed or mailed with your certificate, whatever is best for you.

Need it Quick?

We certainly understand that taking a defensive driving course probably doesn’t top anyone’s “to get done” list. But now you say you’ve checked your calendar and realized that it’s day 89? Got you covered there, too. Get your course completed by 1:00 PM on a non-holiday weekday and we’ll have it in the mail that very afternoon. Don’t trust the regular mail to get it there fast enough? We also offer quick process and shipping options including 2-day, overnight and even electronic delivery.

Insurance Savings, Too

Most insurance companies in Texas are glad to insure drivers that have taken defensive driving. Better educated drivers have fewer wrecks and if anything makes insurance companies happy, it’s not actually having to pay to get cars fixed. Turns out that happy insurance companies are happy to pass those savings on to you. With your course completion you will be receiving 2 certificates, one for the judge and the other for your insurance agent. Enjoy saving money 2 ways with StickMyTicket.

What’s Keeping You

Just like eating your veggies as a kid, you surely didn‘t want to do it, but you also knew that if you ever wanted to play outside again that it was going to have to happen. Turns out that the skills you learned eating veggies will serve you here as well: take a deep breath, dive in and remember that the faster you get started the faster you get done. Hit that register button like you grabbed that fork and get this show on the road. StickMyTicket, just the ticket to make your ticket go away!

Driving Course Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions people have about dismissing a ticket online.

What can I do if I need to get my certificate fast?

Since we are a local Texas company you can select either electronic, overnight, two-day or standard mail delivery. Since we aren't in California like some of the other guys, we have affordable options to make sure that you get your certificate when you need it.

Is there a way to order my driving record online?

During course registration you will be given the option to have us obtain your TX DPS driving record for you. Your record can then be mailed out with your certificate once you complete the course or you can select email delivery and receive it within 1 hour.

How much does this course cost?

We decided to make our course the most affordable option available since we've had to take a few ourselves. Our course cost is only $25.00 and has absolutely no hidden fees. This includes the course, certificate and standard delivery.

Do I have to sit a computer for six hours?

That doesn't sound like any fun now does it. Our course is designed to save your progress as you work through the course. This allows you to start and stop whenever you decide to and complete the entire course on your own schedule.

Can I take this course on an airplane in London?

Our course can be taken on any internet connected device, from any location in the world, 24/7/365. Airplane over the Atlantic, beach in Hawaii or a bunker in Kansas, as long as you have an internet connection, you can take your course.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?

Technology is great until it stops working. Since our course saves your progress as you go, you have nothing to worry about. Once you are back online you can simply log back in to your course and continue right where you left off.

Ready to get rid of your ticket?

Ready to get back to your course?

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